Rotel RDD-1580 Silver - DAC Convertitore Digitale Analogico HI-FI USB e BLUETOOT

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Il marchio Rotel è attivo da 40 anni e da sempre è orientato ad offrire le più alte prestazioni audio e video a prezzi largamente abbordabili. I prodotti Rotel sono progettati e costruiti in proprio, comprese le parti separate di maggiore importanza ai fini del comportamento in sala d'ascolto.



Rotel RDD-1580 Silver - DAC Convertitore Digitale Analogico HI-FI USB e BLUETOOTH

Rotel’s new digital-to-analogue converter envelops the listener in the most accurate audio reproduction possible from any digital source, whether it be legacy PCM sources or the latest in digital file formats.

The RDD-1580 provides a level of performance unheard of at it’s price level and is specifically designed to cater for the growing popularity of high definition digital audio. At its heart, the RDD-1580 makes use of Wolfson’s extraordinary WM8740 stereo digital-to-analogue converter.

But where competitive products use only one of these converters to handle two channels, the RDD-1580 uses two WM8740s in a complementary configuration which reduces noise and distortion well beyond that a single converter can provide.

Another RDD-1580 advantage lies in its input flexibility. A front panel USB input supports Apple iPod®, iPhone® and iPad® as well as streaming via Bluetooth with the included adapter. The rear panel PC-USB input supports files up to 24 bit/192kHz in asynchronous mode.

Two sets of rear panel RCA-style coaxial and TOSlink optical digital inputs are optimized for LPCM data streams. This includes CDs 16-bit/44.1 kHz standard to high definition sources with 24-bit/192 kHz audio data.

A Rotel-designed and manufactured toroidal transformer sits at the foundation of the RDD-1580’s well-regulated power supply. Advanced custom-designed slit-foil capacitors provide electrical storage capabilities to ensure substantial and stable operating voltages and current to feed the critical circuit stages.

The carefully tuned analogue section is another example of Rotel’s award-winning Balanced Design approach where specifications alone do not dictate which electronic parts are selected. Rather, extensive listening tests are carried out under controlled conditions to determine the best way forward. During this time the entire circuit is carefully tuned to provide sonically accurate signal reproduction.

The RDD-1580 provides both single-ended and balanced outputs with RCA and XLR connectors respectively Recognizing today’s changing tastes in audio sources, the RDD-1580 even provides high-current charging capability (2.1 amperes) for an iPad® or similar device to reduce clutter and increase needed desk space while expanding your audio source options.

Built for stunning sound quality but designed for today’s ever-increasing digital world, the RDD-1580 offers a first rate combination of superior sonics and convenience.


Total Harmonic Distortion <0.004%
Intermodulation Distortion
Frequency Response 10Hz - 95kHz (±3.0 dB)
Signal to Noise Ratio
(IHF A-weighted)
128 dB
Input Sensitivity /Impedance 0 dBFs /75 ohms
Line Output Level / Impedance (RCA) 2.0V / 100 ohms
Line Output Level / Impedance (XLR) 4.0V / 200 ohms
USB/iPod® Digital Signals AIFF, AAC (m4a), WAV, MP3, WMA
(up to 48kHz 16bit)
Decodable Coaxial/
Optical Digital Signals
(up to 24 bit 192kHz)
PC-USB File Decoding Plays all file types supported by PC
software player up to 24bit 192kHz
Power Requirements (AC) 120V, 60Hz (USA)
230V, 50Hz (Europe)
Power Consumption 25 watts
Standby Power Consumption
(normal mode)
< 0.5 watts
Dimensions (W x H x D) 431 x 55 x 316mm
17 x 2 1/8 x 12 1/2 in
Front panel height 1U / 43.7mm / 1 3/4 in
Weight (net) 5.1kg/11.24 lb



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